Thematic is a partnership between Michelle Phan, Spin Move Network, and Tayamo and is bringing music promotion to the content creation world. Music artists can now promote their music through online influencer’s content, and content creators can rest assured that the music is fully licensed and won’t be claimed when they use it.


BIGideer is an experimental platform that we’ve built to pre-validate ideas before we invest in any product development. It allows us to test out ideas we have, validate that people are interested, test inbound marketing to test our cost of acquisition and test our value propositions. It’s a little bit survey monkey, a little bit kickstarter and a little bit launchrock all rolled into one!



One.2.Many is a mobile fan engagement platform that leverages SMS as it’s delivery mechanism. Celebrities, athletes, musicians and businesses can leverage the platform to engage fans in a personal and contextual way.


We love to travel so what better way to travel the world than with 75 other incredible people who can work from anywhere in the world. We’re trading in our normal lives to travel the world for a year with other remote workers!



AwesomeWork is a simple way to search elite organizations vetted by Fortune Magazine, B Corporation, Charity Navigator, GlassDoor, Best Places to Work and many more all in one place. It’s like Kayak, but for your purpose driven career.