Red Bull needed a new and novel way to change their constantly growing sea of sales reps. Rather than something static and boring, Red Bull wanted a tech heavy, forward thinking interactive experience. This iPad training app ran on multi-touch quizzes that asked the user to interact with the test questions using drag, cluster and multiple touch scenarios.


Gozar allows users to schedule shipments of large objects with drivers who have large enough vehicles to accommodate their shipment needs. Think Uber for shipping large objects around town.



Lauren Gottlieb

Yo may remember Lauren from So You Think You Can Dance, from dancing on stage with some of the worlds biggest pop stars, or from her career dominating the silver screen in Bollywood dance movies.


The team at SkuAlytics is building the first ever real time analytics platform for the latin grocery markets. This surprisingly underserved market is almost all but ignored by Neilsen and the likes while CPG companies are clamoring for sales data.